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Soundproofing Secrets: Keeping Spring Noises Out with Better Windows


Though we just officially entered the winter season, spring is right around the corner- just a few months away. There’s plenty to look forward to when winter turns to spring: everything starts to bloom, the grass turns from brown to green, birds start chirping again, and the sunshine warms our skin again.


Though there’s much to look forward to during springtime, it is much louder than winter. Most of us stay indoors during winter, choosing to hibernate from the dark, gloomy, snowy, and icy days, similar to how animals hibernate and birds fly south. As a result, the outdoors is quiet, with little to no sounds. 


When springtime arrives, it’s the complete opposite. The neighborhood children start to play outdoors, neighbors are mowing their lawns, neighborhood dogs are outside more and barking, and people are out walking, biking, and hosting outdoor shindigs that can be noisy. Home windows play a role in keeping our homes quieter and blocking out the sounds outdoors. Keep reading to learn how to keep spring noises out with better windows.


How Faulty Windows Could be Letting Sounds In

Did you know that many homes have old windows installed that need replacing? There are many signs it’s time for new residential windows and one of the telltale signs is if they’re letting a lot of outdoor noises in. Windows should provide excellent protection from the outdoors, blocking moisture from entering the home and creating a tight seal that blocks noises.


Faulty windows are often the culprit for noisy homes. Some homes are on a busy street with noises surrounding their homes, but the windows should be blocking out most of the sounds. Residential windows could be letting in sounds from any of the following reasons and common pitfalls in window installation:

  • An incorrectly sized window
  • Gaps in window seals
  • Installing low-quality windows
  • Poor insulation
  • Old windows


Other factors affect how much noise enters the home through a window; cracks and holes are often to blame.


How to Keep Spring Noises Out

There are several ways to keep spring noises out and make your home a quieter escape from the busy sounds of the neighborhood. Below are a few ways to keep spring noises out:


Check for Drafts

Drafty windows pose dangers to your home, so it’s best to get them inspected and fixed or replaced. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, households in America are spending, on average, $2,000 annually on their energy bills, and $200 to $400 of that $2,000 can be wasted due to drafty windows and air leaks in the home.

You can check for window drafts in your home by placing your hand near the window- if you feel the air entering the home, you have a draft. Another way to check for drafts is to hold a candle safely in multiple spots around your window. If the flame flickers, the windows are drafty.


Inspect Your Windows for Damage

Some windows have damage that many homeowners think is minor but is an issue, and letting in spring noises is just one of the many issues damaged windows can cause. Some windows have cracks and tiny holes, while others have a latch that doesn’t work, making it impossible to get a tight seal. 

Inspecting the windows around your home can help you catch damage before it worsens or causes your electric bill to skyrocket. If you do spot damage, contact a window installation company in Lynchburg.


Install New Windows

The best way to keep spring noises out of your home is to install newer and better windows. Windows that have tight seals, are installed correctly, and are of higher quality will block out most outdoor noises and reduce energy bills.



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