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Seamless Gutters and Gutter Guards for Homes in Central Virginia

Are the gutters on your home in Lynchburg or another area in Central Virginia leaky, and stuffed to the brim with leaves and grime? Beyond being an eyesore that detracts from your home’s curb appeal, these problems can potentially cause serious water damage to your home. Fortunately, One Stop Home Improvement Shop offers a wide array of solutions to suit your specific needs and budget. From installing high-performance seamless gutters and gutter guards to performing repairs and cleaning, we do it all.

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Gutters and Guards

In addition to our outstanding seamless gutters, One Stop Home Improvement Shop also installs the Xtreme mesh gutter guard system. This gutter protection system is composed of surgical-grade stainless steel mesh that will block even tiny debris, such as pine needles, from entering your gutters, while still allowing rainwater to filter through and be effectively diverted away from your home. We can install these gutters guards along with new seamless gutters or, in many cases, incorporate them into your existing gutter system.

5" Gutters and 6" Gutters

Whereas traditional gutter systems are made from sections that can separate and leak over time, our seamless gutters are composed of one continuous piece to ensure long-lasting, leak-free performance. These gutters are roll-formed on site, created to fit the exact dimensions of your home, so they not only perform better than sectional gutters, they look sleeker too.

We also utilize durable aluminum measured for either 5-inch or 6-inch gutter capacity, depending on whether your needs are residential or commercial.


Our 5” gutters are our tried and tested top-range residential gutters. In terms of fitting, function, and finesse they work perfectly for the needs of a residential property.


New to K Guard/One Stop Home Improvement we have now expanded to provide 6” gutters for customers looking for hassle-free, sleek and professional looking gutters, ideal for effortless maintenance for any commercial property. With a slightly wider gutter that promises no corrosion, is capable of effectively diverting water in even the heaviest downpours, on larger buildings.

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