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Home improvement means all improvements. And we like to provide the whole package at One Stop Home Improvement Shop.

As with all our products, we provide expert installation, a lifetime warranty, and financing options available to many homeowners. Check out what we offer for high-performance windows and top-of-the range patio doors.

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What Makes Our Replacement Windows Great?

 Throughout Lynchburg and Central Virginia, don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of having high-performance windows in your home. If windows become damaged, drafty, or show clear signs of age, your windows may allow water infiltration, causing irreparable damage and mold growth – yuck! Worst of all, bad quality windows do little to prevent heat transfer, which can make it nearly impossible to maintain comfortable temperatures and result in skyrocketing energy costs. At One Stop Home Improvement Shop, we’re proud to provide excellent window replacements using the MountainView Windows range, designed to provide a lifetime of cosmetic appeal, weather protection, and energy efficiency that’s budget-friendly.

Ok… I’m listening. What’s so great about MountainView windows?

Like every product One Stop Home Improvement Shop provides, these replacement windows are rich with premium features, providing superior:

These are only a few of the advanced features that set our windows apart from others on the market.

If you need more reasons to make a switch, our replacement windows are available in a wide array of popular styles including double-hung, slider, casement, awning, and more to suit your home. No matter what type of window you choose for your home, you can rest easy knowing it’s backed by one of the industry’s best warranties, including a lifetime guarantee on the frame and glass.


Why Choose our High-Quality Patio Doors?

Imagine this: it’s a beautiful Virginia morning – the sky is blue, the breeze is beckoning, and you want to open your patio doors to feel the sunshine on your skin… sounds great doesn’t it! But whoops! The door’s jammed, and shoot! The handle is stuck… I guess you’ll have to try another time. 

Unfortunately many home improvement contractors buy cheap, off-the-shelf patio doors from the local big-box home improvement store and then charge you twice as much as they paid. At One Stop Home Improvement Shop, we believe in installing patio doors that are made to look great and last forever. That’s why we install our MountainView Patio Doors from Vinyl Design, a company that’s been producing first-rate products for more than 30 years. So you’ll never have to miss a perfect Virginia morning at home!

It sounds like a good idea… but what’s so great about MountainView doors?

We’re proud to provide patio doors that are rich with premium features that offer:

Just like our windows, you can incorporate a number of optional features in your new patio doors, such as beautiful woodgrain style finishes, decorative etched glass, and mini-blinds in between the glass. And, because we rely on our highly trained technicians to complete the installation, you can have total peace of mind that your new patio doors will be installed meticulously, so that they’ll look great and function flawlessly.

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