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Craftsmanship Matters: Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Window Installation and How to Determine if Your Contractor is Making Mistakes

Certain home projects should always be left to professionals, like plumbing, electrical work, and window installation. The average homeowner should never attempt to replace or install windows themselves, nor should they hire someone who isn’t qualified to install windows.


Cutting corners to save some money works for some home projects, but for something as major as window installation, only a professional window installation company should install them. Unfortunately, some businesses and contractors aren’t as qualified as One Stop Home Improvement Shop and lack the proper training and expertise when it comes to craftsmanship.


Continue reading to learn all about some common pitfalls in window installation and how to determine if your contractor is making mistakes. Catching them early and hiring the right company or individual can save you from a costly repair down the road.


Common Pitfalls in Window Installation

Unfortunately, not every window installation job is perfection, leading to dangerously drafty windows and other damage to your home. Below are some common pitfalls in window installation that can occur when an inexperienced or underqualified individual installs windows.


1.  Wrong Size Opening

The most common error people make when installing windows is measuring the opening they make for the window. If it’s cut too small, the hole can be made bigger, but if it is too big, they’re in a pickle. The opening size needs to be the required size for the window. However, many make the opening too large, which leads to drafty windows.

Windows are available in standard sizes and custom sizes. If you’re hiring a professional window installation company, they’ll most likely cut the opening to be a custom fit for accuracy. DIY window installation projects almost always end up with too much of a gap between the opening and the window, unlike an experienced professional. If you notice drafty or condensation windows on the inside, you or your contractor most likely cut the wrong size opening.

2.  Not Installing Quality Windows

There are thousands of options when it comes to home windows. Whether your style is eclectic, modern, or traditional, there are plenty of options for your home’s window installation. There are plenty of windows on the market, but selecting one that isn’t high quality could cost you. It may sound nice to save some money on the installation, but the last thing you want is to install low-quality windows that don’t offer protection.

3.  Missing Defects Before Window is Installed

A contractor should know when to install the window after all the preinstallation is complete. Once they’ve got the right opening size, it’s time to install the window according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Unfortunately, not everyone checks for defects before a window is installed, rather, some contractors and homeowners will notice them after a window is installed. Therefore, pitfalls can happen often during the installation project.


To do any home project correctly, all components and materials should be inspected before the project begins and before each step. Installing a window incorrectly is much harder to fix than finding a defect before the process starts.


How to Determine if a Contractor Has Made a Mistake

Now that you’re aware of some common pitfalls in window installation, you know some signs of mistakes made along the window installation process. If you notice your contractor has cut the wrong size openings, selected low-quality windows, and missed defects before the windows were installed, it’s time to get them installed the right way.


Pitfalls in window installation can be avoided by checking all components, materials, and tools before the installation begins. Contractors should select high-quality windows and never install baseline windows that don’t meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® standards. Installing windows incorrectly or installing low-quality windows can result in drafty windows, allowing water infiltration, and other costly damage.



How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Window Installation

To avoid the mistakes above, hire a reputable window installation company rather than hiring an inexperienced contractor or attempting to install it yourself. Doing so could save you by avoiding mistakes before they occur instead of after.


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