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Window Treatments 101: How to Choose Blinds and Curtains for Energy Savings

The kids are nearly out of school for the summer, summer celebrations have begun, and the weather is getting increasingly warmer and more humid here in Central Virginia. Summertime marks a more relaxing, carefree season with pool parties, Fourth of July celebrations, lots of ice cream, and a slower way of life. 

Though summertime is a favorite season for many, the season brings sweltering heat and higher temperatures, forcing our HVAC systems to run in overdrive to keep our homes cooler. Most homeowners see a noticeable increase in their cooling bills from the constant air conditioning running all season.

Luckily, window treatments can help reduce heat gain in a home and provide a cooler environment. Keep reading to learn about window treatments and how to choose blinds and curtains for energy savings this upcoming summer.

Various Window Treatments

Visit a friend’s or family member’s home and you’ll notice they most likely have some kind of window treatment installed on every window in their home. Window treatments come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, and the right choice for your home depends on your style, how much light you want to block, and whether or not you want energy savings.

Many window treatments are available at nearly any big box store or home improvement store, all with information about the energy savings they provide and their benefits. Below are the types of blinds and curtains available, including energy savings information:


Nearly every home has blinds installed because of their ability to maintain a desirable and comfortable temperature throughout the home while providing insulation and privacy. Below are some great options for installing blinds throughout your home:

Roller Shades

If you’re looking for an eye-catching blind option that doesn’t have multiple cords that get caught in one another, consider installing roller shades. They’re eye-catching, adding beauty to any room/style while keeping cords at bay, never exposing bunched-up material or multiple cords that get twisted into a big mess. Though they’re a beautiful addition to any window, roller shades don’t offer much for insulation. 

If energy savings is your top priority when choosing a window treatment, roller shades probably aren’t the best choice for your home. They are, however, great at blocking the sun, reducing glare, and darkening rooms.

Louvered Blinds

Louvered blinds hang vertically down a window or horizontally across the window pane. Horizontal blinds open and close upward and downward while vertical blinds open and close inward and outward, allowing homeowners to customize how much sunlight they want to enter their house.

Louvered blinds are a great choice for energy savings. Why? They deter heat by reducing solar heat gain. If your windows let in a lot of sunlight and increase a room’s temperature, you may want to install louvered blinds to limit solar heat gain.

Blackout Blinds

Most common in bedrooms, blackout blinds are excellent for completely blocking the sun’s rays from entering a room. They’re a wonderful choice for homeowners who want to keep their rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter because they block hot and cold outside air from entering your home.

Cellular Shades

The most energy-efficient option, cellular shades or honeycomb shades are your best bet for saving on your energy bill this summer. If you compare cellular shades to traditional blinds, you’ll notice that cellular shades have pleats. Why? The pleated fabric allows the shade to expand while it’s lowered and contract while raised to aid insulation.


Curtains add another level of privacy and protection to your home. Below are the most common window curtains:

Thermal Curtains

The best energy-saving curtain option, thermal curtains offer superior insulation compared to other window treatments. Unlike blackout curtains that block sunlight from entering a room, thermal curtains help regulate indoor temperatures by blocking outdoor heat that can enter through a drafty window. Your room will be cooler this summer and you’ll see some energy-saving benefits when you install thermal curtains.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a great option for those who want to darken a room and insulate the window. They are available in varying sunlight-blocking strengths, some can deter nearly all sunlight while others block less. Depending on the thickness of the material, blackout curtains can offer energy savings.

Single/Double-Panel Curtains

If you desire style and privacy, single/double-panel curtains are best for you. Single-panel curtains use one piece of material that hangs on either side of the window while double-panel curtains have two pieces of curtain on both sides. There are many styles and patterns, from floral to scalloped and everything in between. They can offer energy savings if made from a thick material but don’t offer nearly the same insulation benefits as thermal curtains.

Other Ways to Save on Energy Bills this Summer

While adding blinds and curtains to your windows is a great way to save on your energy bills this summer, there are some other ways you can make your home cooler:

  • Install ENERGY STAR® products
  • Turn your thermostat up when you’re not home
  • Use ceiling fans and set the blades to rotate counterclockwise, creating a downward breeze
  • Apply caulk to drafty windows
  • Replace older windows

If your windows are older or let in too much outside air, consider
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