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Is it Really Worth it? Understanding the Value of Investing in Replacement Windows

Windows are initially installed when a home is built and are often forgotten about for decades, sometimes for the life of the house. Though other home components get replaced when they are outdated like appliances, HVAC systems, and the home’s gutter system, windows are often forgotten. However, windows should be replaced after a certain time, and for good reasons.

Many homeowners wonder if replacing their windows is truly worth it. Keep reading to understand the value of investing in replacement windows and how they can help keep your home better protected from the elements.


Replacement Windows Increase Energy Efficiency

How old is your home? If it’s over a decade, chances are the original windows aren’t nearly as energy-efficient as today’s windows. Depending on the window manufacturer, the windows installed when the home was built may be lower-grade and drafty, allowing cool air to enter your home in the winter and hot air to enter it in the summer (not to mention the potential for air to escape the home). Drafty windows present a danger to a house; an increase in allergens, heat loss, and insect infestation are all consequences of drafty windows, among other dangers.


Did you know faulty windows are responsible for up to 30% of residential cooling and heating energy use? That means if you spend around $2,000 annually on your energy bills, $200-$400 could be wasted on drafty windows. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing your home’s windows will reduce your energy bills and increase the comfortability of your home. When you replace your windows with ENERGY STAR® and NFRC labels that feature gas-filled windows, you’ll save on your energy bills year-round, which is helpful since winter is right around the corner.


At One Stop Home Improvement Shop, our MountainView Windows offer superior energy efficiency, meeting and exceeding all ENERGY STAR® standards. Our windows feature a multi-chambered frame design with premium glass packages, and optional gas fills. All these features mean our windows are energy-efficient, exceeding standards and reducing your energy bills.


Replacement Windows Reduce Allergens

Anyone suffering from seasonal allergies knows how much of a struggle it can be to be outdoors during springtime through the end of fall. Allergens like weeds and grasses are constantly floating through the air, causing us to sneeze uncontrollably for months. Did you know these pesky allergens can enter your home through drafty windows? Another great reason to replace your windows!


Drafty windows allow these allergens to enter the home through tiny cracks in the windows or small gaps between the windows and walls. Since allergens are airborne for most of the year, the chance for some to enter your home is very high. The increase in allergens in your home can worsen your allergies, possibly leading to other health issues.


Replacement windows from One Stop Home Improvement Shop reduce allergens by using air-tight interlocking seals to prevent drafts. This means airborne allergens stay outside where they belong, never making their way into your home through drafty windows.


Replacement Windows Increase Curb Appeal

Windows are one of the first things potential homebuyers notice about a home; they’re part of the exterior and draw attention to certain rooms. Older windows with cracks or gaps between the window frame and the house can deter homebuyers, pushing them away from proceeding with further showings and making an offer on the home. 


Replacement windows add to the beauty of a home, never taking away from it like some older windows can. We’ve seen it all at One Stop Home Improvement Shop, from shattered windows to moldy ones that are an eyesore to a home, distracting from its beauty and curb appeal. When you choose to install our MountainView Windows, it’ll instantly add curb appeal to your home. Our slider, casement, and double-hung windows will complement your home’s unique beauty, attracting potential homebuyers to your home.


Homeowners will be pleased that the windows complement the home’s exterior and keep allergens out while guaranteeing enhanced safety thanks to our composite reinforced locks guarantee. You can expect to see more showings on a home with new, durable windows versus a house whose windows are damaged and need replacing.


So, are replacement windows worth the investment, and are they truly worth it? Absolutely! They increase energy efficiency, reduce allergens, and add curb appeal. Plus, when you install One Stop Home Improvement Shop’s MountainView Windows, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your investment is well protected. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the frame and glass, so your windows will look good as new many years later.

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