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The Lifespan of Residential Windows: When is it Time for a Change?


One of the most awakening feelings in the world is pulling the curtains back, opening the blinds, and letting the morning light shine in our homes. It’s a refreshing start to a new day, brightening our homes and moods while warming us up. We can see the outside world and current weather and feel the indirect sunshine warming the room.

While some home windows have a long lifespan, not all do. There comes a point where they’ll need replacing, an investment that’s well worth it. What affects the lifespan of a window? Continue reading as we discuss that and when it’s time for a window replacement.


How Long Do Residential Windows Last?

The average residential window lifespan is between 15-20 years, give or take, depending on a few factors. Things like climate, damage from severe weather and storms, the type of window, the quality of the window, and how gently the homeowner opens/closes and cleans them are some factors that play a role in window replacement timing. 


Humid climates and places that get severe weather year-round can shorten a home window lifespan. If the residential window is wood and is in a climate with frequent precipitation, whether from rain, snow, or ice, it can affect the wood, potentially causing it to rot faster than other window materials. Severe weather can also crack and shatter home windows, shortening their lifespan. Other things like pressure washing windows, poor installation, and sprinklers that hit the windows can also shorten a home window’s lifespan.


Replacement windows from One Stop Home Improvement Shop last a lifetime! Our windows are made from premium vinyl, offering the best in window durability on the market. Our residential windows not only offer superior performance and energy efficiency, they’re made to last a lifetime. That means lifetime protection against all weather conditions, and they’ll never get drafty.


Signs Your Windows Need Replacing


1.  Age

Again, the average home window has a lifespan of 15-20 years. If your home was built nearly two decades ago and has its original windows, it’s probably time to replace them. Just like any other home component exposed to the elements, residential windows will show signs of wear and tear as the years go on. There are visible signs that they’re old, like outdated styles, discoloring, small cracks, etc. 


2.  Damage

Windows, especially if they’re old, can get damaged at any time. Extreme fluctuating temperatures can cause the glass in the window to crack, severe weather could cause cracks, and a baseball or other object could hit the window and cause cracks. A window may also be damaged from slamming it shut too forcefully. If you notice your window has noticeable damage, it’s time to replace it to avoid further damage to your home.


3.  Drafts

A drafty window may be minor and might not require replacing. You can fix some drafty windows by applying caulk and weatherstripping the window. However, drafts could indicate a much bigger issue than making an uncomfortable environment. When outside air enters the home, it can carry spores and allergens that can make your family sick. The draft could increase the humidity and moisture in the window frame, creating a perfect place for mold to grow and thrive. Gaps in the window frame can also let insects in, causing an insect infestation and potentially harming your loved ones and pets.

All these warning signs of a faulty window can worsen with time. Unless replaced, there’s the potential for more harm to occur to the window frame and the home’s structure. Age, if the window is damaged, and drafts won’t go away on their own and won’t get better-the only solution is to replace the windows.




Residential Windows from One Stop Home Improvement Shop

If your windows are showing signs of damage, are older, or are drafty, it’s best to replace them. Windows are in every home, and they help regulate our circadian rhythms, warming our homes and allowing us to see the outside world from the comfort of our homes. Replace them now to avoid further damage to your house, like mold and insect infestations, and have One Stop Home Improvement Shop install residential windows.


Faulty windows could lead to wood rot in the window frame that could spread throughout the rest of your home. Wood rot occurs when a fungus starts to grow in a moist environment. If a drafty window keeps the wood surrounding the frame moist, it’s a hot spot for spores to gather and spread.


At One Stop Home Improvement Shop, we’re proud to install MountainView Windows on homes across Central Virginia. Our replacement windows are of the utmost quality and we have windows for every budget. Our replacement windows offer superior energy efficiency, meeting and exceeding all ENERGY STAR® standards. With multi-chambered frame designs, optional gas fills, and premium glass packages, our replacement windows prevent leaks and reduce energy bills. We make changing windows easy!


Our installation process for installing MountainView Windows is easy! It starts with our free consultation where we’ll come to your home and examine your current windows. We’ll provide an honest assessment of your windows and the cost of installing replacement windows. Here’s a glance at our installation process:


  • Remove your current windows (we clean it all up and discard every piece)
  • Measure & custom-fit our MountainView Windows to be a perfect fit for your home
  • Install your replacement windows


Our window installers are expertly trained, avoiding common pitfalls in window installation and ensuring a perfect fit for your home.

One Stop Home Improvement Shop can help with all your home improvement needs, whether you need help with an insurance claim or a quote for installing a new roof or gutter system. We’re here to help every step of the way throughout the entire process. Contact us today for a free consultation!