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Draft Dodgers: Solutions for Sealing Window Leaks Before Winter Hits


Old Man Winter is drawing near. He’s making his official arrival in a little over a month, bringing with him freezing overnight temps, snow, ice, and chilly daytime temperatures – are you ready? There is so much to get done to winterize a home: covering the patio set and grill, pressure washing, disconnecting the hoses, cleaning the gutters, etc. Don’t neglect to winterize the number one cause of heat loss in your home: the windows.


Do you know how to winterize your home windows? Continue reading to learn solutions for sealing window leaks before winter hits to keep your home warmer this winter.


Why is it Important to Seal Windows?

Winter can be cruel. Temperatures dip below freezing, especially here in Lynchburg and surrounding cities. Central Virginia has a milder winter compared to other parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get our fair share of winter weather. With the Blue Ridge Mountains in our backyards and our humid climate, snow, ice storms, and sleet are likely each winter.


To keep your home warmer this winter and decrease energy bills, you must seal window leaks before Old Man Winter arrives. Why is it so important? Drafty windows allow warm air to escape the home, allowing cold air to enter the house. The result? Uncomfortably chilly rooms in the home make it difficult to get comfortable and cozy. 


Also, your energy bills will skyrocket if there are drafts. Did you know that drafty windows contribute to roughly 30% of your total energy use? Sealing window leaks is important to save money but also to keep your family more comfortable and cozy.


How to: Winterizing Windows

Winterizing windows is an easy process that will end up saving you money on your winter energy bills. Here’s a guide to winter window preparation:


1. Check for Drafts

Before sealing window leaks, check each window in your home for drafts. If the weather isn’t that chilly, hold a lit candle (safely) near the window seals. If it flickers, you have a draft. You can also place your hand close to the window frame on a cold night to see if you feel cool air coming in. If so, seal the windows.


2. Apply Caulk

It’s easy to apply caulk to seal and improve window insulation. Simply purchase window caulk at your nearest home improvement store and clean around the window frame before applying the caulk to ensure it adheres well. Apply it to the inside and outside of the window. Caulk naturally wears down when exposed to the elements, so expect to reapply it every year or so.


3. Install New Weatherstripping

There are a few different options for weatherstripping a home window. Self-adhesive ones allow you to customize the length since it cuts easily and applies easily to any window frame. Self-adhesive weatherstripping lasts longer than most other types and works well with many window materials.

For wood windows, opt for installing nail-on weather stripping – there are several styles to choose from available at any home improvement store. Nail-on weather stripping is the most durable option for homes with wood windows.


Foam weatherstripping suits any window material and effectively keeps drafts out of the home. The foam inside the weatherstripping will compress and bounce back to block cold air from entering a home. Though effective, foam weatherstripping is short-lived, especially if installed outside the window.


Installing caulk or weatherstripping to your home windows is a great temporary window leak solution, but they don’t last a lifetime. They’re both short-term solutions that will need replacing often. The best solution for draft prevention is installing replacement windows to ensure a tight seal with zero drafts.



Replacement Windows from One Stop Home Improvement Shop

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Our installation process for installing MountainView Windows is easy! It starts with our free consultation where we’ll come to your home and examine your current windows. We’ll provide an honest assessment of your windows and the cost of installing replacement windows. Here’s a glance at our installation process:


  • Remove your current windows (we clean it all up and discard every piece)
  • Measure & custom-fit our MountainView Windows to be a perfect fit for your home
  • Install your replacement windows


Our window installers are expertly trained, avoiding common pitfalls in window installation and ensuring a perfect fit for your home.

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