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Window Maintenance Made Easy: Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Windows in Top Shape

Window Maintenance Made Easy: Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Windows in Top Shape

What do you do when you install a new appliance in your home? You clean it regularly to keep it as good as new, right? What about when you install new flooring? You purchase cleaners recommended by the manufacturer and maintain a cleaning schedule, right? Just like you would care for other parts of your home, your windows need regular maintenance to keep them functioning well and sparkling clean.


Isn’t window maintenance as easy as using any glass cleaner? No! Believe it or not, there’s a lot you can do to keep your home windows looking and performing their best. Keep reading to learn tips and tricks for keeping your windows in top shape so they look and perform their best.


Clean Your Windows Often

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your windows? If you can’t remember, it’s time to remove all the gunk they collect and get them sparkling clean. Home windows need cleaning often to keep them functioning well and looking their best. Think of everything they go through in a given day: children’s fingerprints smearing the glass, our pets’ noses rubbing against the glass to get a better view outside, flying and crawling insects, pollen, rain, debris from storms, etc.


Knowing what our windows go through to keep us safe while giving us a direct view of the outside world, don’t you think they need frequent cleaning? Experts recommend deep cleaning your windows two times per year. You’ll need to clean them more often if you live in a humid climate (hello, Lynchburg!) with a lot of rain, trees surrounding your home, a recent storm with flying debris, etc.


If you’re unsure how to give your windows a proper deep cleaning, contact the window installation company that installed them or refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.


Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

Saving a few bucks on an off-brand window cleaner you found much cheaper at a wholesale store might sound like a great idea. However, you could be putting your windows at risk of severe damage if you use any run-of-the-mill glass cleaner. Some glass cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage the window’s glass, causing scratches, cracks, and even discoloring. Avoid abrasive window cleaners if you want to keep your windows in top shape.


Rather than purchase inexpensive cleaners full of harsh chemicals that can damage your window, opt for a DIY window cleaning solution or a safer cleaner. Avoid cleaners that contain minerals listed as ingredients. A good non-abrasive cleaner should only have surfactants and solvents listed.


Use the Right Tools

What do you typically grab to wipe the windows after applying your cleaner? Most homeowners use paper towels or newspapers to wipe windows, but we’re here to tell you to put them down and use the right tools! That’s right, newspapers and paper towels have been used to clean windows for decades, but did you know little bits of newspaper and paper towels can stick to the window, making it difficult to get a deep clean?


Instead, grab a clean microfiber cloth to wipe your window clean. Microfiber cloths are gentle enough to use on window glass and don’t attract lint. They’ll leave your window dry and sparkling clean, never scratching the glass. Use microfiber towels and a squeegee on the outside glass to get a safe, deep clean.


Inspect Window Components

Part of keeping your windows in top shape is inspecting them for damage or issues to avoid further damage down the road. If you’re cleaning your windows often, you’ll notice little cracks or breaks in the glass before it can expand and get worse. However, if you don’t clean your windows often, make it a point to inspect your windows every so often.


Check your windows for these signs of damage: tiny cracks or breaks, condensation on the inside window, drafty windows, cracked or missing caulk, and water damage. You’ll also want to test the locking mechanisms to ensure they latch and give a tight seal.

These tips and tricks will keep your windows in top shape while keeping them sparkling clean. If you notice signs of damage like tiny cracks, a broken latch or lock, or water damage, contact a window installation company in Lynchburg like One Stop Home Improvement Shop. We can assess the damage and offer suggestions for fixing or replacing your window.




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