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Window Security: Innovative Locks and Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Window Security: Innovative Locks and Safety Features for Peace of Mind

We’re lucky to call Lynchburg, Danville, Charlottesville, and surrounding cities home. Central Virginia is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, offering superior scenery, plenty of outdoor hiking and adventures, a climate that lets us enjoy all four seasons, and not to mention, Virginia is one of the safest states in America.

Though our state is one of the safest compared to many others, there is still a risk for anyone to be a victim of crime. We go to great lengths to protect our families from violence and danger, whether we enroll in self-defense classes, install a security system, carry pepper spray, etc. You can never be too careful; adding window security to your home makes your loved ones even safer.

What window security options are available? Keep reading to learn about some innovative locks and safety features so you can have peace of mind and protect those you love most.


Innovative Locks & Safety Features


Windows should always have a locking mechanism to give a homeowner extra security. Though all home windows have locks, not all are innovative or offer much safety. Below are some innovative locks and safety features that can give homeowners peace of mind:



Composite Reinforced Locks

Composite reinforced locks are one of the safest locks you can get on a window. This innovative lock adds extra security to residential windows and keeps your home better protected against intruders. You can rest easy knowing all the windows in your home are locked tight with composite reinforced locks installed on your windows.

Another bonus of installing residential windows with composite reinforced locks is the air-tight seal they provide. This innovative window lock pulls the meeting rails and keeper toward one another, creating an air-tight seal, eliminating the chance for drafty windows, leaks, and other dangers of drafty windows to occur.


Double Strength Glass

What good is a residential window if it doesn’t have heavy-duty glass? Double-strength glass windows offer many benefits. For one, they provide homeowners with extra safety since double-strength glass is stronger than other types, making it extremely difficult to break. Next, they offer exceptional energy savings, saving homeowners nearly 30% on their energy bills by preventing drafty windows.

Double-strength windows also reduce outside noise. This is especially great if you live on a busy street, near a school, or have a lot of traffic or noisy neighbors that generate loud noises. Double-strength glass windows reduce outside noises, making for a quieter and more relaxing home.


Wide & Deep Interlocks

Another safety feature residential windows can provide is a wide and deep interlock. This safety feature helps enhance the locking mechanism and provides a tighter seal to prevent drafts. 

Wide and deep interlocks in the window provide extra security for the window’s locking mechanism by making it nearly impossible to unlock the window with a screwdriver, knife, or other commonly used tool. Intruders won’t be able to unlock the window from the outside, keeping your home safer. Forced entry through the windows will be nearly impossible when you install windows with wide and deep interlocks.

Installing windows in your home with added security, such as innovative locks and safety features, keeps your loved ones and home safe from intruders. When installing new windows, look for safety features like composite reinforced locks, double-strength glass, and wide and deep interlocks.

One Stop Home Improvement Shop is proud to install MountainView Windows for our residential customers. Our replacement windows offer all of the above safety features plus more, no matter your budget.



One Stop Home Improvement Shop’s Replacement Windows Prevent Drafts

Are you tired of drafty windows that let cool winter and hot summer air in? Adding curtains and blinds will help insulate them, but replacing drafty windows is the only way to eliminate drafts. Our window frame selection at One Stop Home Improvement Shop is the best in Lynchburg, offering a variety of styles to complement your home’s unique style while adding eco-friendly benefits. Our window replacement service is easy, starting with a free estimate.

We’ll assess your current windows, offer suggestions for window replacement, and give you a detailed estimate based on your needs. Finding the perfect window fit is easy when hiring One Stop Home Improvement Shop. We’ll help you with your window frame selection and choosing the right style for your home.

Our MountainView Windows offers superior energy efficiency, meeting and exceeding all ENERGY STAR® standards. With a multi-chambered frame design and premium glass packages and glass fills, there are plenty of options. Our Low-E windows and durable materials will protect your home while never harming our environment. We also have vinyl windows made from uPVC, a great eco-friendly option.

No matter your budget, we have replacement windows that perfectly fit your home and offer superior protection while eliminating drafts and protection against intruders. Our MountainView replacement options are available in various styles, including slider, casement, awning, double-hung, and much more to complement your home’s style.

One Stop Home Improvement Shop can help with all your home improvement needs, whether you need help with an insurance claim or a quote for installing a new roof or gutter system. We’re here to help every step of the way throughout the entire process. Contact us today for a free consultation!