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The September Checklist: Key Gutter Spots to Inspect Before Autumn


Are you familiar with your home’s gutter system? Have you ever inspected it for clogs or damage? Have you ever cleaned it? If you answered no to any of those questions, it’s okay! K-Guard/One Stop Home Improvement Shop is here to help you inspect your gutter system before autumn to ensure it’s in tip-top shape.


There’s plenty to look for when inspecting your gutter system and many different parts and sections of the gutter system that you should be aware of. Continue reading to learn about some key gutter spots to inspect to get your gutter system in great shape before the leaves fall this autumn.


The Inside of the Gutters

If you have a half-round gutter system, you’ll want to check the inside of the gutters to ensure there’s no damage or clogs before autumn begins. To do this, grab a ladder, safely climb up (ask a friend if you’re uncomfortable doing so), and peer inside the gutter around the perimeter of your home. You’ll want to check for debris like leaves, pine needles, and insects that may have accumulated inside your gutters. 

If you notice debris, now is the perfect time of year to clean the inside of your gutters. Gutter cleaning is important to the performance and health of your gutter system. Cleaning your gutters yourself is a relatively easy task. However, it takes hours, sometimes days, depending on the square footage of your home and the number of stories, and it can be a dangerous task. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service now is a great way to get ahead of autumn and falling leaves.


The Downspouts

Downspouts are just as important as gutters are. They’re responsible for diverting the water collected from the roof and carried by the gutters away from the home. Unfortunately, they too can have existing damage or clogs that aren’t easily spotted. Since downspouts are covered, it’s not as easy to check for a clog as with half-round gutters. However, you must inspect the downspouts as well.

To inspect your downspouts for damage or clogs, aim a garden hose inside of the downspout. If the water travels through, chances are there are no clogs, but if it sprays back at you or travels away from the downspout and into the gutter, you’ve most likely got a clogged downspout. No water traveling through the downspout means something is impeding water flow, like debris or even pests (snakes find dirty downspouts very cozy!).


Corners & Seams

Traditional, older gutter systems have seams that attach each part of the gutter system, piece by piece. These seams, especially near a corner, can leak from natural wear and tear of the gutter system or severe weather. If you’re comfortable doing so, check for gaps or leaky corners and seams. If you notice any, you can apply caulk as a temporary fix to seal the corners and seams to get through fall and winter. However, it’s best to repair leaky corners and seams or replace the entire system to prevent damage to your home.


Check for Leaks

A gutter system can leak from anywhere at any time, especially if it’s not made of a heavy-duty material. Next time it’s raining, walk around the perimeter of your home and examine your gutter system. Inspect the gutters, downspouts, corners, and seams to see if water is leaking from any of these spots. If you notice a leak, contact a professional gutter installation company.


Check for Cracks or Dents

Cracks and dents may seem like they’re only cosmetic, but they can lead to damage. While a dented or cracked gutter system is an eyesore, it’s also probably not functioning very well. Cracks lead to leaks, forcing water to trickle through the cracks and down the side of the home, possibly ruining the siding. Dents can also jeopardize how water is carried and directed away from your home; water flow could be slow, impeded, or they may cause leaks.


Without clean and well-functioning gutters, you could be in for some damage to your home this fall and winter. An accumulation of wet leaves inside an already clogged gutter will exacerbate the issue, forcing water to go under the roof shingles or spill over the side of the gutters, causing damage to both your roof and foundation. Dirty and clogged gutters in the winter often lead to ice dams, dangerous thick pieces of ice that form from stormwater and meltwater melting and refreezing when water flow is impeded.


Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service like K-Guard/One Stop Home Improvement Shop will save you hours of cleaning and inspecting your gutters, allowing you to spend your time elsewhere. It’s also safer to hire a gutter cleaning and repair service since they’re trained on safety and how to properly inspect and remove debris to ensure your gutters are sparkling clean to allow for the most rapid water flow this upcoming season. Keeping your gutters clean is crucial to ensuring your gutter system is working optimally.



If you’re interested in scheduling a September service, contact K-Guard/One Stop Home Improvement Shop today! We can provide you with a free estimate detailing the cost of cleaning your gutters. We also offer a gutter repair service, so if we notice any issues with your gutter system, we’ll help you fix them. Our gutter cleaning and repair service is professional, detailed, and timely, ensuring your gutters will be in tip-top shape for autumn!

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