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How to Keep Gutters Clean

Every homeowner with half-round gutters or open-top gutters knows the struggle – it’s hard to keep them clean! Because there is no barrier between the inside of the gutter and the elements, they’re exposed to all weather conditions, pests, falling leaves, and other debris. They can get dirty quickly, efficiently trapping anything that they catch.


It doesn’t take much for a half-round gutter to clog, especially if the gutter isn’t seamless. We have an array of deciduous trees that shed their leaves annually each autumn, quickly filling up our half-round gutters. Pines that shed pine needles can also be a nuisance and clog gutters easily. Gutters can clog any time of year, not just fall. Spring can bring new pests, while winter brings ice and snow.


With a risk of gutters clogging each season, you may be wondering how to keep them clean. Keep reading as we discuss how to clean your gutters and some ways to keep them clean so they don’t clog as easily.


How to Clean Your Half-Round Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is crucial to keep them performing their best and draining the most water away from your home. Ideally, you clean them multiple times per year. Angi (formerly known as Angie’s List) recommends cleaning them at least two to four times per year. How often you should clean them depends on how close trees on your property are to your roofline, the condition of your gutter system, and the climate. Here’s how to properly clean them:

Step 1

The first step to cleaning your gutters is to gather all materials needed: gloves, a ladder, scoop, bucket, garden hose, and a plumber’s snake if the clogs are large. Once you have all the materials, you’re ready to clean the gutters and downspouts.

Step 2

To begin cleaning your gutters, remove all debris from the inside. You’ll most likely notice a collection of leaves, pine needles, silt, and maybe even rocks and twigs. Use your scoop to collect as much debris as possible inside your bucket. It can fill up quickly, especially if your gutters haven’t been cleaned in a while.

Step 3

Once you’ve removed as much debris as possible by hand, take the plumber’s snake and put about two feet of it in the corner where the gutters and the downspouts meet. You may not have any trapped debris, but it’s a good idea to check just in case any leaves are blocking the way to the inside of the downspout.

Step 4

The last step to cleaning your gutters is to flush out any remaining debris with a garden hose. It can be challenging to remove all silt, tiny rocks, and roof sediment by hand, so using a garden hose can flush most of it out.


While cleaning gutters is a relatively easy task, it’s time-consuming and dangerous since a ladder is required. If you’re uncomfortable using one, you may want to consider hiring a professional gutter cleaning service. At One Stop Home Improvement Shop, our expertly trained team offers the best gutter cleaning service around the Lynchburg area.


How Can I Keep them Clean?

1. Install Seamless Gutters

Gutters with seams are prone to clogs, whereas a seamless gutter system is not. Gutter systems with seams are installed in sections that are attached with bolts and screws. These joints where each unit is connected can clog easily since bolts and screws can become loose, creating a crack in the seams that can trap debris.


One Stop Home Improvement shop has installed countless seamless gutter systems on homes in Central Virginia. Our seamless gutters are custom-made to perfectly complement your home and will add to its beauty.


2. Install Gutter Guards

Looking for a way to permanently keep your gutters clean? Install gutter guards! At One Stop Home Improvement Shop, we offer the best seamless gutters and gutter guards, and the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System.


Our Xtreme mesh gutter guard system is made from surgical-grade stainless steel and is installed on your existing gutter system or in conjunction with our seamless gutter system. The Xtreme mesh gutter guards block debris from entering the gutter, keeping the inside of your half-round gutters cleaner.


If you never want to worry about cleaning your gutters again or are looking for a complete system, opt for the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. It has a curved hood that blocks all debris from entering the gutter system, allowing it to simply slide off. Leaves, twigs, snow, ice, and even pests won’t be able to enter the gutters. Only stormwater and meltwater can enter the gutter. Because K-Guard blocks all debris, you’ll never need to clean your gutters again!


Keeping gutters clean is a chore, but it doesn’t have to be if you install one of our gutter products. Contact us for a free estimate and assessment of your current gutter system. One Stop Home Improvement Shop delivers a 5-star experience and has decades of experience and many happy lifelong customers. We’re located in Lynchburg, Virginia and we cover the surrounding areas.


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