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3 Different Types of Downspouts

Downspouts are an essential part of any gutter system, playing a crucial role in draining water away from a home and protecting its foundation. Without downspouts, homes would be in bad shape, with cracked foundations and overwatered gardens.

What Are The 3 Different Types of Downspouts?

Downspouts are a crucial component of any gutter system. They exist to drain and direct water collected from the roof and gutters away from a home. Downspouts are the last component of a gutter system, playing an essential role in protecting the home’s foundation and directing water to flow elsewhere. Without a downspout, homes would be in bad shape; foundations would be cracked and ruined, garden beds would be overwatered, and lawns would be ruined.

Did you know that there are different types of downspouts? Though many think of downspouts as the same across the board, there are different styles of downspouts, and all offer varying degrees of protection. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the 3 most common downspout styles as well as the pros and cons of each.


1. Round & Half-Round

Perhaps the less common style of downspouts, round and half-round downspouts are installed on homes that have unique architecture or older, restored homes. Below are a few pros and cons of round and half-round downspouts:

Pros of Round & Half-Round Downspouts:

  • They’re very sturdy and durable.
  • Round and half-round downspouts are often larger in diameter than other downspout styles, offering a larger capacity for water flow.

Cons of Round & Half-Round Downspouts:

  • Round and half-round downspouts are more difficult to install. Because they’re used on homes that have more of a retro style or unique architecture, they’re more challenging to install than other styles.
  • They’re the most expensive option, not affordable compared to other styles.

2. K-Style

Have you ever seen a home with downspouts that appear shaped like the letter K? Odds are you have, as K-Style gutters and downspouts are very common. There are some pros and cons to this popular style of downspout:

Pros of K-Style Downspouts:

  • One of the many selling points for homeowners is that they complement nearly every home. Whether a home is modern, traditional, or historic, K-Style gutters and downspouts will suit the house well, adding to its beauty. 
  • They provide a seamless finish which significantly reduces the risk of leaks. 
  • They’re very durable, having a longer lifespan than some other styles.

Cons of K-Style Downspouts:

  • They can corrode depending on the material used.
  • K-style downspouts are more challenging to clean than other styles of downspouts. Keeping your rain gutters clean is crucial to preventing unwanted clogs and leaks!

3. Rectangular

Another very popular style of a downspout, rectangular downspouts, are installed on many homes for good reason. Rectangular downspouts are found on many modern homes, but not so much on older homes. Below are some pros and cons of rectangular downspouts:

Pros of Rectangular Downspouts:

  • They’re attached to the fascia boards, collecting more water run-off than other styles.
  • They’re available in various sizes, so homeowners living in an area with more precipitation can select larger rectangular downspouts that offer a larger capacity for water flow. An ideal solution for homeowners in Lynchburg, Danville, and surrounding areas who have all four seasons that bring rain, snow, and ice!

Cons of Rectangular Downspouts:

  • They can retain water, causing the material to rust.
  • Rectangular downspouts can be harder to clean than other styles due to their sharp corners.

There are several options when it comes to selecting the right gutter and downspout system for your home. Depending on your home’s style whether it be modern, historic, farmhouse, or anything in between, the proper downspout can complement your home’s unique beauty and protect it from drainage issues. 

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