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Keep Your Rain Gutters Clean

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Rain and occasional snow hit Lynchburg and surrounding areas. Leaves and twigs fall on the roof and they can end up in your rain gutters. Melting snow, heavy winds, and rain wash leaves, twigs, and dirt off the roof. Some of this debris immediately falls into the rain gutters and can clog them. The debris can also freeze during the winter as temperatures drop, especially during the night.

Rain gutters were developed to keep water from the roof away from the sides of buildings. The gutters must be kept clean to allow water to move freely through the gutter downspout to the ground. The water is usually redirected away from the building’s foundation after it hits the ground pad.

Dirty, clogged rain gutters will not drain properly. The gutters can overflow allowing the water to collect on the roof, or it can seep down the sides of your house. A good, clean drainage system is necessary to protect your home’s foundation, porches, and patio areas.

Keeping rain gutters clean is not a pleasant job and it can also be dangerous. There is a safe way to clean gutters without climbing a ladder or even getting on the roof. You can also install gutter covers to prevent leaves and twigs from plugging the drainage channels.

Safe Roof Cleaning

You can attach an extension to your garden hose that will allow you to force water up the gutter spout and into the actual gutters. This extension system is used while you are safely on the ground. There is also a leaf blower attachment that can be used from the ground. It is still messy while the dirt and leaves are washed out onto the ground below. You will probably have to rake them into a lawn and leaf bag and dispose of them. 

Climb the Ladder

There are more than 130,000 ladder injuries every year and some of them are even fatal.

Many homeowners take out the extension ladder and climb up to clean rain gutters. They clean the gutters by hand and often throw the debris back on the ground. They must continually move the ladders and climb up and down. The person using the ladder should keep two feet and one hand on the ladder at all times. This means that only one hand is used to clean the gutter! Others use the ladder to access the roof and use a leaf blower to clean out the debris. One person should not do this alone. At least one other individual should be on the ground to assist the climber by holding the ladder and sending up a hose or blower.

The Gutter Guard System

Your gutters can be covered with nylon or mesh screens to limit the amount of debris that flows into the drainage system. This helps to keep the gutters clean. Other gutter covers are available to keep out large leaves and other debris. These guards fit over existing gutters. They do require occasional cleaning, but it is much easier than open gutters.

The K-Guard Leaf Gutter Guards completely replace the gutter system. K-Guard uses five-inch gutters with a custom helmet that covers the gutter while water is allowed to flow freely through the drainage. The larger size allows for more water flow into the gutter downspout. The K-Guard Leaf Gutter Guards are designed to never need cleaning inside the gutters. They are attractive and increase the value of your home.

K Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop is an authorized installer for the K-Guard Leaf Gutter Guards. We are located in Lynchburg, Virginia and we cover the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate. We will explain why this is the best way to protect your home from exterior water damage.

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