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Early Warning Signs: Detecting Window Wear & Tear Before it’s Too Late


Homeowners maintain home components to ensure they’re well taken care of and working optimally. We get our HVAC unit maintenance done a couple of times a year, keep our gutters clean, pressure wash our home’s siding, and so much more. When you own a home, there is a never-ending checklist of things due for inspection, so it’s important to detect issues before they cause damage to the actual component and the rest of the home.


Home windows are an important component to add to your checklist of things that need inspecting every so often. Depending on the age of the windows, and even if they’re newly installed, it’s important to inspect your windows for damage before it’s too late. Keep reading about some early warning signs of window damage so you can detect and repair them before it’s too late.



Early Warning Signs of Damaged Windows

If caught early enough, wear and tear can be repaired through your window warranty or the window installation company that installed your windows. Below are a few things to look out for so you can catch the early warning signs:


Small Cracks

Our windows go through a lot from when they’re first installed to when they start to show signs of wear and tear and need replacing. They’re constantly exposed to the elements and experience all sorts of blows, like birds crashing into them, baseballs hitting them, and leaves and other debris during severe weather. If hit hard enough by a foreign object or closed too aggressively, windows can get small cracks.


Catching small cracks before they get bigger will save you the hassle of having to replace the entire window or paying a higher electric bill from the air from the home escaping and cold air entering. A crack in the pane requires a replacement. Check with the window installation company that installed your windows to see if replacing the pane is covered by your warranty.


Loose Latch/Locks

Windows have latches/locks for safety and energy efficiency purposes. Latches and locks keep the closed window secure, ensuring it can’t be opened from the outside. They also create a tight seal between the window pane and the frame, eliminating drafts and preventing pests and allergens from entering the home. 


If you notice that your window’s latch or lock is loose or doesn’t work properly, get it taken care of right away. The company that installed the windows should be able to replace the lock or latch. It might be covered under the window’s warranty, depending on the coverage you have.


Difficulty When Opening/Closing Windows

Ideally, windows open and close with ease; you should be able to push open and close a single-hung or double-hung window without using too much force. Casement windows and awning windows should also be able to open and close with ease. You should never have to struggle to crank the handle. 


If your windows are difficult to open and close, you’ll want to contact a professional window installation company. Closing your windows too quickly can result in damage to the pane, frame, and other components. A professional can determine what the issue is and fix it so you can open and close your windows with ease again.



Drafty windows present many dangers. They can cause many issues for homeowners if left alone without repairs. For one, drafty windows can let allergens enter your home, causing your loved ones to feel sick, especially those with asthma. Drafts can also cause mold and wood rot from moisture from the outdoors settling in the window frame through a draft. Drafty windows also increase energy bills since warm air from your home is exciting, while cold outside air enters the home.


If your windows have a draft, contact a professional to assess and repair/replace the window. You could apply caulk or weatherstripping yourself, but it’s a temporary fix that puts a Band-Aid on the issue without solving it.



The above early warning signs of window wear and tear are indicators of an issue with your window. Whether it has a small crack, loose latch/lock, is difficult to open and close, or has a draft, it’s best to contact a professional window installation company like One Stop Home Improvement Shop to assess and repair/replace the window.


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