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Window Treatments 101: A Guide to Insulating Your Home with Style

Window Treatments 101: A Guide to Insulating Your Home with Style

Installing new windows throughout your home gives it a refreshing feel; your home now has a newfound style and energy-efficient windows you’ve been waiting for. There’s nothing like waking up each morning and looking out the windows. You can get a feel for the weather and see wildlife through your windows to the outdoors.

Having windows throughout your home will increase or decrease the temperature depending on where the window is, whether it gets natural light, and the quality of the window. Sometimes, rooms in the home can feel sweltering hot when the sun shines through the window, while rooms during the winter months can feel extra cold.

Luckily, window treatments can help insulate your home while adding a stylish touch. Keep reading for a guide to insulating your home so you keep it comfortable and stylish without sacrificing either.



Window Blinds

Window blinds are a great, relatively low-cost way to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home. How do blinds aid in insulating a home? They act as a barrier to block heat or cold from the outdoors from entering the home. Below are some options for installing window blinds throughout your home that will aid in insulation:


Blackout Blinds

You’ve probably heard of or even installed blackout curtains, but have you heard of blackout blinds? Like curtains, blackout blinds can completely block the sun’s rays from entering your home. Therefore, by installing blackout blinds, external temperatures like sweltering heat or frigid cold won’t enter the home.

Blackout blinds are ideal for those who want to insulate their home while blocking sunshine for better sleep. Blackout blinds make it easier for daytime naps and a restful night’s sleep to avoid the sunrise from waking you up.


Cellular Shades

Also referred to as honeycomb shades, cellular shades are popular among homeowners who want to insulate their homes. They differ from traditional blinds because of their shape and insulation benefits. Unlike other window treatments, cellular shades are made from a pleated material. The pleats allow the shade to contract while raised and expand while lowered, allowing them to better trap cold and warm air, aiding in insulation.


Roller Shades

Some window blinds are an eyesore, especially ones that don’t lift and lower well. Sometimes they can look bunched up when raised, with cords and components of the window treatment hanging down. Roller shades avoid that because they roll up nicely, never exposing bunched-up materials with multiple cords dangling.

While roller shades are eye-catching, they don’t offer the same level of insulation as blackout blinds and cellular shades. While they provide some insulation benefits, they’re mostly used for blocking out sunlight and for their visual appeal.


Vertical Blinds

One of the most versatile window treatments, vertical blinds can be used in any home regardless of the style of the home or the size of the windows. Unlike horizontal blinds, vertical blinds have material that hangs down the length of the window that remains, yet can be turned inward or outward to let in or block sunlight.

Vertical blinds offer varying levels of insulation. The level of insulation they provide depends on the material used. Available in wood, plastic, metal, and vinyl, vertical blinds can offer some level of insulation by deterring heat or blocking drafts from entering your home when closed. 



Window Curtains

Another popular choice among homeowners looking to add insulation and privacy to their homes, window curtains are available in many different styles:


Blackout Curtains

Similar to blackout blinds, blackout curtains block sunlight from entering a room. There are varying levels of how much sunlight they can deter, but they’re an option for those wanting to make a room darker, whether it be a child’s room or their own, for better sleep. Depending on the thickness of the material, blackout curtains can offer excellent insulation. However, if the fabric is sheer, it may not provide much insulation.


Thermal Curtains

Want to add optimal insulation to your windows? Installing thermal curtains is a great option. Thermal curtains regulate the temperature of a home by blocking summer heat and keeping out cool winter air that can enter through drafty windows. While they don’t block sunlight from entering a room, they’re excellent if you’re looking for an energy-efficient option.


Single/Double-Panel Curtains

Single and double-panel curtains can be a great window treatment option for those looking to add stylish curtains for privacy. Single-panel curtains use one piece of curtain fabric that can hang to either side of the window when drawn, whereas double-panel curtains have fabric that rests on both sides of the window. 

While there are many styles and patterns to choose from, they don’t provide as much insulation compared to thermal curtains. If made from a thick material, they’ll provide some insulation benefits.

Adding window treatments to your home windows can insulate your home while adding style and privacy benefits. From blackout blinds to vertical blinds, thermal curtains, and everything in between, window treatments can benefit your home by improving insulation.



One Stop Home Improvement Shop’s Replacement Windows Prevent Drafts

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