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Why K-Guard Gutters are Considered Seamless Gutters


Did you know that K-Guard is considered a complete system? The K-Guard System is more than just gutters and downspouts; K-Guard Gutters have multiple components that work together to help prevent drainage issues. The gutters, curved hoods, and downspouts each play a role in collecting and draining water away from the home.


You already know that seamless gutters are better than sectional gutters, but did you know that K-Guard Gutters are seamless? Keep reading to learn why K-Guard Gutters are considered seamless gutters, so you can make an informed decision before installing your next gutter system.


K-Guard Gutter System Components

We briefly mentioned earlier that the K-Guard System has three components that make it a complete system. What are they, and what’s their role in draining and diverting water away?


Oversized Gutters

Our gutters are oversized to allow for more water to flow through them at a rapid pace. Living in Lynchburg means we have all four seasons, each with severe weather. Whether a torrential downpour or snowmelt, our oversized gutters can keep water moving quickly through the system, preventing leaking or overflowing gutters.

Oversized Downspouts

K-Guard downspouts are also oversized – 4×3” to be exact. Our large downspouts can handle a minimum of 22 inches of water an hour compared to traditional downspouts that are 2×3”, too small to handle copious amounts of rainfall. K-Guard Gutters never clog, but traditional gutters often do, slowing down water flow. Clogs and small downspouts mean water can’t move through the system quickly, causing overflowing and leaking gutters.

Curved Hood

No other complete gutter system on the market has a curved hood like ours. Our hood blocks debris from entering the gutters, allowing it to slide off. Most other complete systems or gutter guards have a flat hood that acts as a shelf, allowing debris to collect and build up, putting pressure on the gutter system.



How K-Guard Works

You may wonder how these components protect a home from drainage issues. Can water even enter the system if a hood is covering the gutters? Absolutely! Water that drains from the roof enters the gutter through a narrow opening, flows through the gutters, into the downspouts, and is directed away from the home.

Our hood covers the inside of the gutters, eliminating the chance for them to clog. Also helping to eliminate clogs is the design of our hood; it’s curved to allow debris like leaves to slide off, never able to enter the gutter or sit on top of the system, putting unnecessary pressure on it.



How is K-Guard Seamless?

If K-Guard has multiple components that work together, how is it considered seamless? We love answering these questions here at One Stop Home Improvement Shop – it’s exciting to share how seamless our product is! For one, our gutter, downspout, and hood are all seamless. What does this mean? Each gutter, downspout, and hood installed on the perimeter of your home is made on the spot using our rolling machine. This gives us the most accurate measurement and perfect fit while ensuring your long, continuous pieces of gutter, downspout, and hood are seamless. 

Next, K-Guard Seamless Gutters is a complete system, unlike most other gutter guard systems installed over an existing gutter system. When we install a new K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System, we dismantle the current gutter system, starting from scratch to install your K-Guard system. Sealant is only used at each joint to connect each piece. This eliminates the chance for clogs since our gutter, downspout, and hood are seamless. Traditional gutters are installed by sections using countless bolts, screws, and tons of sealant to keep it all together.



What Makes K-Guard Seamless Gutters Better than Sectional Gutters?

There are many benefits of installing seamless gutters. As previously mentioned, sectional gutter systems are installed on a home piece by piece, using bolts, screws, and sealants to connect each section. These seams can loosen over time, and the sealant can wear down from heavy rains, snowstorms, ice dams, and strong wind gusts. The excess pressure and stress that’s put on a sectional gutter system from these weather events will loosen the seams, creating small openings. 

These openings trap debris, forming clogs and impeding water flow, causing the sectional gutters to leak, overflow, and even cause the gutter system to pull away from the home. Seamless gutters eliminate clogs forming in small openings between each section since seamless gutters are installed using one continuous piece of material.


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