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September Showers: Maintaining Gutter Flow as the Seasons Shift

Leaves in Gutter


Gutter flow is a crucial part of a gutter system that should always be in good shape. A gutter system with a great flow will keep up with rapid rainfall, collecting it from the roof and flushing it through the system, ultimately to the downspouts where it’ll be dispersed away from the foundation. Ideally, this is how a gutter system’s flow would work. However, it’s not always the case – some gutters have a blocked or slower flow.


Fall is the time of year when gutters struggle the most to maintain gutter flow. Seasonal shifts, especially one that brings wet, falling leaves, are hard on a gutter system. Keep reading to learn why it’s important to keep your gutters flowing smoothly and some tips on how to maintain gutter flow as the seasons shift.



Why is Gutter Flow so Important?

At K-Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop, we’re often asked about gutter flow. Specifically, we’re asked why it’s important and what could go wrong if a gutter system isn’t functioning properly. For one, good gutter flow is crucial not only to the rest of the gutter system but also for the safety of your roof, siding, soffit, fascia, and so much more. 


When water is flowing as it should through a gutter system, it’s carried through the gutters and into the downspouts and directed away from the home. But what happens when the gutter flow isn’t at its best? For starters, the gutters could overflow. Overflowing gutters are a major concern, potentially causing foundation and even structural damage to your home. Water that overflows from the gutters can also ruin landscaping and flood the house, so it’s best to ensure your gutter flow is working optimally.


Next, without proper gutter flow, your roof can also get damaged. If a gutter system has a poor gutter flow, it’s not collecting as much water from the gutter, forcing the water to sit at the height of the roof shingles, causing it to warp over time. A roof is an investment that homeowners should only have to make every 15 years or so – the last thing you want is to replace your roof because of damage from a poor gutter flow.


Each gutter system has a slope to ensure water will flow toward a downspout. Even if a gutter’s slope is correct, water can’t flow through a gutter system that is damaged or clogged. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain excellent gutter flow to protect your home from water damage.



What Causes Poor Gutter Flow?

So you’re probably wondering what can cause poor gutter flow so you can avoid costly damage. The answer? Two words: clogged gutters. Half-round gutters that don’t have guards or a cover easily trap debris like falling leaves, pine needles, silt, and even insects. All of this debris piles up over time, especially during the fall months when leaves are constantly falling from trees. Of course, when the leaves find their way into the gutters, it leads to poor gutter flow.


Wet leaves are very heavy and make it impossible for rainwater or meltwater to move through the gutters, forcing it to spill over the sides or remain inside the system. It’s important to have your gutters maintained seasonally to ensure there are no clogs and that the gutter flow is in tip-top shape. 



Tips for Maintaining Excellent Gutter Flow

Though gutter flow can be disrupted by debris, there are some measures you can take to maintain gutter flow throughout fall and the rest of the year. Follow these tips to maintain excellent gutter flow:


  • Clean Your Gutters

It can’t be stressed enough – keeping your gutters clean is paramount to maintaining excellent gutter flow. Clean your gutters at least two times a year, more if your home is surrounded by deciduous trees close to the roofline. Think of all the debris that lands inside of an open-top gutter system, especially in September, October, and November when leaves are continually falling from the trees here in Central Virginia.


Cleaning your gutters can be exhausting and taxing, taking hours and sometimes days to complete. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service like K-Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop will save you time and ensure your gutters are sparkling clean. Our gutter cleaning service is professional and detailed, making sure every bit of debris is removed for optimal performance and gutter flow.


  • Install Gutter Guards or Covers

Gutter guards are an excellent solution for homeowners who want to keep large debris out while allowing water to flow through the gutters and be effectively diverted away from the home. K-Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop can install the Xtreme Mesh Gutter Guard System over your existing gutters or with one of our seamless gutter systems. 


  • Install A Clog-Free Gutter System

A solution guaranteed to keep water flow at its best while keeping debris out, installing a clog-free gutter system is an excellent choice for homeowners in Lynchburg and surrounding areas. There are several clog-free gutter solutions on the market, but none can match the durability and performance of the K-Guard System. K-Guard has a curved hood that prevents all debris, like pine needles and leaves, from entering the gutter system and forming clogs. 


K-Guard is 100% maintenance-free, so you’ll never need to perform the daunting task of cleaning your gutters again or hiring a professional gutter cleaning service. With K-Guard, you’ll relax knowing your gutter system is performing at its best while keeping all debris out of the gutters and maintaining excellent gutter flow.


If you’re interested in scheduling a September service, contact K-Guard/One Stop Home Improvement Shop today! We can provide a free estimate detailing the cost of cleaning your gutters. 


If you’d like to install gutter guards or the K-Guard System, we’re happy to give you a free estimate. K-Guard is tailored to your home, and components of the gutter system are cut and made on the spot at your installation to ensure it’s a perfect fit for your home. Contact us today to get started!