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Can Clogged Gutters Damage Your Home?

Clogged Gutter System on Suburban Home | One Stop Home Improvement Shop

Homeowners often have a to-do list full of projects, like mowing the lawn, fixing a leaky faucet, changing a lightbulb, etc. One very important aspect of homes that can often get overlooked is your gutters.

The condition of your gutters affects almost every aspect of your home, especially the foundation. There are many ways your home’s foundation can become damaged, but one of the biggest culprits is clogged gutters. The good news? With the right gutter system, this is a risk you can eliminate.

Poorly functioning gutters are a threat to your home’s overall integrity and safety. Foundation damage can also significantly lower the property value and is very expensive to fix. Let’s explore why.

Importance of High-Quality Gutter Systems 

Although you’ve probably paid some attention to the gutters attached to the roof of your home, you may still be unfamiliar with the role they play in preventing foundation damage. Simply put, your gutter system guides rainwater or water from snowmelt off of your home’s roof. Each gutter has a minimal slope that aims toward a downspout, which either directs water away from the house or connects to an underground drainage system. Water typically travels a minimum of 10 feet away from the foundation of your home to avoid foundation damage. 

During heavy storms or runoff, your gutter system protects your home’s foundation from devastating water damage.

How Do Clogged Gutters Cause Foundation Damage?

Clogged gutters are commonly caused by debris. Leaves or branches are known to build up in gutters seasonally. Improperly draining or channeling excess rainwater (or melting snow and ice) is a big issue for homeowners when it comes to gutter maintenance. 

There are many causes of foundation damage, including soil conditions, slab foundation issues, and improper drainage. When water leaks or gets clogged inside the gutter, the water cannot travel far enough away from the home and there’s a risk of water seeping into the foundation. Erosion and constant pooling water around your foundation will weaken it, eventually causing foundation damage, cracks, or a shift in the foundation.

Unfortunately, water can also seep into your basement through cracks or leak through joints, masonry, and concrete. Excess water damage is also known to cause wood rot and weakness in joists, basement columns, and other structures.

How to Prevent Clogged Gutters

There are several ways you can prevent clogged gutters:

  • Regularly inspect and clean your gutters: This is one of the most straightforward solutions, but it can be extremely exhausting and taxing. For the best outcomes, you’ll want to get out the ladder on a monthly basis and remove any clogs before they become an insurmountable problem. 
  • Install a drainage system around the foundation: Although effective, this can result in complications. 
  • Install gutter guards on your gutters: Gutter guards can help cut down on the amount of debris that can get into the gutters themselves and prevent major clogging. Gutter guards can also prevent pests from building nests or making a home in your gutter system.
  • Choose a gutter system that’s guaranteed to be clog-free: At K Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop, the system we install requires no maintenance, no more ladders to the roof, and no more scraping goop and clogs out of your gutters. Not only that, they come with a lifetime clog-free warranty.

What You Can Expect from K Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop 

K Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop designs gutter guards to repel debris, not collect it. Our gutter guards are formulated to catch every drop of water that runs off the gables. Constructed with a sloping and smooth top, our gutter screens can eliminate foundation damage and save you money.

Our many years of experience serving Virginia residents speaks to our superior ratings. Do away with potential foundation damage! It’s time you experience leaf-free, clog-free, worry-free gutters from K Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop. Contact us today at 434-525-0403.

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