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Preparing for Autumn Views: How to Check and Seal Window Gaps

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Don’t you just love this time of year? The evenings are getting cooler, football season has begun, and everyone is decorating for fall. Though it’s nice to feel the crisp, cooler air in the evenings, it only means one thing- chilly fall and freezing winter are just around the corner.


Fall and winter are tolerable here in Central Virginia compared to other parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get our fair share of winter weather. Autumn brings cool, damp weather that’s often accompanied by rain and windy conditions. The change of weather is refreshing, but it can cause issues for a home that doesn’t have properly sealed windows.


Drafty windows are common and lead to an increase in energy bills during fall and winter as warm inside air escapes and cold air enters the home. If your windows could use some help, keep reading to learn how to check and seal window gaps so your home can stay warmer over the next few months.



How to Check for a Window Draft

Some window drafts are so blatantly obvious that you can visibly see air entering the home with movement from the curtains, while others are harder to spot. To test if you have a window draft, place your hand near the window’s seal and feel for airflow. Another great way to check is to light a candle and hold it safely near the window’s seal. If the flame flickers, you have a drafty window.



What are the Dangers of a Window Gap?

As previously mentioned, drafty windows or window gaps can lead to an increase in electricity bills. The average homeowner could be wasting $200-$400 per year on drafty windows or air leaks in the home, according to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. It may not sound like much in the grand scheme of things, but pocketing those extra hundreds would be nice as opposed to wasting it on drafty windows!


Aside from an increase in energy bills, there are other dangers of drafty windows. They can pose health risks like allergies by allowing allergens to enter the home through gaps in the window seal. Along with allergies, drafty windows make for uncomfortable living situations and can lead to insect infestation and mold.



How to Seal Window Gaps


  • Fill the Window Gaps

So, what do you do if you discover that you have a window gap? You can be proactive by sealing the gaps for a temporary fix until your windows need replacing. There are several options when it comes to filling window gaps, from inexpensive to pricey; caulk and self-stick plaster-type seals are on the lower end, while bronze weather stripping and adhesive-backed rubber seals are more of an investment.


If you want a quick fix, opt for applying caulk around your windows. Caulk is an easy fix that seals cracks and gaps between windows and sills, but a downside is that it’s a temporary fix and will wear down after a year or two. However, it’s a great option for those who aren’t ready to replace their windows.


  • Replace Your Windows

The best solution to fix window gaps and drafty windows is to replace the windows in your home. Whether you had some pitfalls in your window installation, had a DIY error, or your home is older and needs more modern windows, it’s best to replace them to ensure drafts and gaps are no more.


Installing replacement windows is an investment that homeowners find themselves faced with when their home is around fifteen years old, give or take. A window lets us see the outside world and provides a way to let in the sunshine while keeping us protected and dry, which is why you should choose only the best for your window replacement. There are many benefits to installing replacement windows: increased energy efficiency, a reduction in allergens, and an increase in curb appeal, among many other benefits.



Now is the perfect time to seal window gaps or replace your windows before the temperatures dip and Old Man Winter makes his annual arrival. One Stop Home Improvement Shop has the best replacement windows throughout Lynchburg and Central Virginia. Our MountainView Windows offers superior energy efficiency, meeting and exceeding all ENERGY STAR® standards. Our replacement windows provide superior durability, energy efficiency, and performance that simply can’t be beaten.


Our installation team is expertly trained in window installation and will provide you with a professional and timely installation. When you install One Stop Home Improvement Shop’s MountainView Windows, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your investment is well protected. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the frame and glass, so your windows will look good as new many years later.

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