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Post-Installation Care: Tips for Maintaining Your New Windows


You finally decided it was time to replace your old, drafty windows with fresh windows that offer energy efficiency like you’ve never seen. They keep all drafts at bay, keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and look beautiful. You love opening the curtains every morning to reveal your beautiful, newly installed windows to get a glimpse of the outside world.


Your new windows are installed… now what? How do you clean them? How can you ensure they’ll last for many years? Keep reading to learn about post-installation care and some tips for maintaining your new windows so you can keep them in great shape for many years to come.


Check for Mistakes


When you hire a professional window installation company to install new windows, you expect them to be installed correctly without any issues. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, especially if you hire a company with a bad reputation or one that’s inexperienced. Common pitfalls in window installation include the following:

  • Wrong size opening
  • Missing defects before windows were installed
  • Installing low-quality windows

If you notice gaps in the window frame, defects surrounding the window, drafty windows, or condensation on the window, it’s time to contact the company that installed your windows. You should never settle for windows that are damaged or were installed incorrectly as a result of a window installation gone bad. The window installation company should fix the windows promptly and check for other damage they may have caused.



Be Mindful of Outdoor Play Areas


If you have children, you understand how many things can hit windows. Things can go flying across the yard and hit windows in the blink of an eye. Think about all the things kids play with outside – whether it be footballs, baseballs, bats, pool toys, hockey sticks, or any other animate object, our windows are always an easy target for kids to accidentally hit.

To avoid having a baseball smash into your new windows, be mindful of outdoor play areas. If the kids have a swing set or trampoline close to the windows, move them further away. Likewise, if they love to play scrimmages or games with their friends that involve a ball or other object, have them play further in the yard, away from the windows.



Use the Right Cleaning Products


Your new home windows should be bright and clear with almost undetectable glass to give you a realistic view of the outdoors. However, windows often get cloudy and even scratched from using the wrong cleaning products and methods. If you’re guilty of using any window cleaner you can get your hands on, you need to clean your new windows cautiously to preserve them and keep them sparkling clean and free of scratches.


First, you’ll want to pay attention to the cleaner you’re using. Harsh chemicals can ruin window frames, eating away at the wood and paint. Be sure to use a cleaning product that is specifically for windows, not a multi-use product. 


Next, never use paper towels or newspaper to wipe your windows clean. Paper towels and newspapers are almost always on hand for every homeowner, making them an easy choice for wiping cleaners off windows. However, paper towels can leave residue behind, and newspapers can leave ink on the windows. Therefore, opt for wiping your windows with microfiber cloths to avoid leaving residue or scratching your windows.

Keeping your new windows in great shape depends on how well you maintain them. Following the tips above and periodically checking your windows for drafts, damage, or condensation will keep them looking and performing their best. If you do notice any issues, contact a professional window installation company like One Stop Home Improvement Shop.




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