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New Year, New Gutters: Why January is the Perfect Time for Gutter Assessment


Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s already the year 2024? Time flies, especially when we have work, kids, pets, and activities to keep us busy. Speaking of time flying, do you know when the last time your gutters were replaced or assessed? If it’s been more than 10-15 years or if you can’t remember because it’s been even longer, it’s time to consider getting them assessed and replaced.

January is the perfect time for a gutter assessment. A local gutter installation company like K-Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop can inspect your current gutter system, look for any signs of wear and tear or damage, and assess how well the gutter system is functioning. If you’ve never had your gutters assessed or it’s been a while, keep reading to learn why January is the perfect time for gutter assessment.



Cold Temperatures Reveal Gutter Damage

Raise your hand if you’ve been cold yet this winter. Odds are you have shivered a time or two with our declining temperatures. Daytime highs are still mild yet chilly and require a jacket, while overnight lows are freezing. Not only does the cold affect us by causing us to catch a chill, get sore muscles and joints, or get sick, but it also affects our gutters.


Traditional sectional gutters are made from aluminum that’s often not durable enough to hold up throughout the years from cold temperatures and snowstorms. When you don’t use the highest quality gutter material, you’re at risk for your gutters to crack, tear away from the home, and for paint to chip off, exposing the material to the elements and causing it to rust.


January is a great time to get a gutter assessment because cold temperatures reveal weakening gutters. How? When a professional assesses your gutters, they’ll look for signs that indicate your gutter system is at risk of getting even more damage. Cold temperatures can reveal those signs of damage we listed above: cracks, tearing away from the home, paint chips, etc.



Snow Accumulation in Gutters Can Reveal Damage

Your gutter system works hard to protect your home from water damage to your home by collecting and carrying water away from the roof and diverting it away from the home’s foundation. Unfortunately, gutters can clog and water flow can be impeded due to debris like leaves, pine needles, pests, and snow.


Did you know that snow weighs approximately 20 lbs per cubic foot? The higher the moisture in the snow, the more it weighs. That’s a lot of weight for one cubic foot! Of course, it would get even heavier if the snow falls on top of a gutter system that already has ice or snow from a previous storm inside the gutters or on the gutter screen/filter. We often get snowstorms that can dump a couple or 4+ inches in and around Lynchburg a handful of times each year.

Snow accumulation in gutters can mean a lot of excess weight collecting inside your gutter system, putting pressure on the gutters, downspouts, and hangers that mount the gutter system to the home. Assessing your gutter system in January can reveal damage that may be missed or not as easy to catch during the warm months. A professional can determine if your gutter system is at risk of forming ice dams if heavy snow is causing your gutters to tear away from the home, leaks when the snow starts to melt, etc.



It’s a Great Time to Inspect/Suggest a Gutter Cleaning

Did you clean your gutters when the fall ended? If not, think about all the debris that’s settled inside the gutters: leaves, pine needles, roof sediment, tiny seeds, twigs, and so on. Gutters are prone to clogs at any time of the year, but autumn is when gutters will collect the most debris.


Getting your gutters assessed in January is a great time for a professional to inspect your gutter system for signs of clogged gutters and blockages. They can suggest if your gutter could use a cleaning, something that’s great to catch and do before the next snowstorm to avoid further damage to your gutters.


Again, January is the perfect time for a gutter assessment. The cold temperatures can reveal gutter damage, snow accumulation can reveal damage, and it’s a great time to inspect and suggest a gutter cleaning. If your gutter system is older and you know it’s showing signs of damage, consider installing a seamless gutter system from K-Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop.



We install seamless gutters and guards that ensure a leak-free performance and durability unmatched by other gutter installation companies. Our Xtreme Mesh Gutter Guard System provides an extra layer of protection, installed directly over half-round gutters. It keeps all debris out, ensuring your gutters don’t clog.


We also proudly install the K-Guard System. K-Guard is a permanent gutter solution that never clogs thanks to its curved hood that blocks all debris from entering the system. It’s extremely durable and made from heavy-duty aluminum that will stand against the elements, never tearing away from the home, getting paint chips, or rusting. K-Guard has oversized gutters and downspouts, and a curved hood, all of which keep debris out and water moving through the gutter system at a rapid pace. Snow won’t be able to enter the system or accumulate on it. Therefore, your gutters won’t be weighed down by heavy snow. Installing K-Guard protects your gutters and home from heavy snow.

K-Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop has been installing and repairing gutter systems for decades with tens of thousands of happy customers in Lynchburg and surrounding areas. We can help with all your home improvement needs, whether you need help with an insurance claim or a quote for installing a new roof or gutter system. We’re here to help every step of the way throughout the entire process. Contact us today for a free estimate!