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Material Matters: What Makes K-Guard Gutters Durable?


Did you know that the material of your gutters is just as important as the style when it comes to efficacy and durability? There are plenty of gutter materials to choose from, but only one is durable enough to withstand the climate and severe weather here in Lynchburg


Continue reading as we explore the different gutter materials and what makes K-Guard Gutters so durable so you can choose a quality gutter system that lasts a lifetime.


Gutter Materials


Have you ever seen vinyl gutters? They’re becoming increasingly popular among homeowners due to their affordable price tag. Though they’re the most affordable gutter material, and it’s easy to DIY the installation, vinyl gutters are not a wise choice for homes in Central Virginia because of our fluctuating temperatures, higher humidity levels, and chance for snow each winter.


Central Virginia, especially Lynchburg, Danville, Charlottesville, and surrounding cities, is humid compared to other parts of the country. We get around 41” of precipitation annually, a blend of heavy rainstorms, severe thunderstorms, and snow and ice storms. Homeowners need durable gutters and long-lasting gutters made from the best material. Because they’re lightweight, vinyl gutters shouldn’t be exposed to torrential downpours, high winds, and snow accumulation. While they’ll save you money initially, you’ll ultimately spend more if you install vinyl gutters.



Copper gutters are stunning, especially when paired with a vintage-style home like a Victorian. They’re aesthetically pleasing and durable, but they do have their drawbacks. For one, they require frequent maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. Why? Just like pennies, if copper gutters are exposed to elements like rain, heat, snow, and ice, this gutter material will oxidize. They will eventually lose their eye-catching copper color and turn into a green patina, which can be an eyesore on a home. Think the Statue of Liberty – it’s made of copper but has oxidized, giving her that green hue. Though they’re beautiful once installed, if you don’t maintain the material, they’ll fade and look tarnished.


Another disadvantage of copper gutters is that they have a steep price tag. They’re roughly $20.00-$36.00 per linear foot, a whopping five times more expensive than most other gutter materials. Unless you can perform routine maintenance to resist oxidization and don’t mind spending more, steer clear of copper gutters.



We all know from Superman that steel is one of the strongest materials. Though they can withstand high wind gusts, torrential downpours, and heavy snow, steel gutters will rust over time. Unless the gutters are stainless steel, they’ll rust and warp over time. If you want to install steel gutters, steer clear of galvanized steel gutters. Galvanized steel gutters have a protective layer that wears down over time, causing the gutters to warp and rust throughout the years. This warping and rusting can lead to sagging gutters, a danger you want to avoid.


Another drawback of installing steel gutters is their price tag. They’re around four times more expensive compared to other gutter materials.



One of the most popular gutter materials, aluminum gutters offer many advantages to homeowners in and around Lynchburg. For one, they’re affordable compared to copper and steel gutters. Next, they can be very durable if made from heavy-duty aluminum. Traditional aluminum gutter systems will show wear and tear and easily dent, but heavy-duty aluminum can look good as new decades down the road.


One Stop Home Improvement Shop is proud to install the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. It’s made of heavy-duty aluminum that will never corrode and is rust-resistant. What adds to K-Guard’s durability?



What Makes K-Guard Gutters Durable?

Unlike traditional aluminum gutters that are made from 0.27 gauge, K-Guard is made from  0.32 gauge aluminum, the thickest aluminum coil available. This thick aluminum can withstand all weather patterns, from the most severe thunderstorm that produces hail to heavy snow and ice dams. High wind gusts and severe weather don’t stand a chance against K-Guard Gutters, making them the best choice for homeowners in Lynchburg.


K-Guard Gutters are so durable that they come with multiple warranties! We offer lifetime no-clog, no pull-away, and paint warranties! These warranties mean your gutter system will last a lifetime, looking as good as the day you installed it decades later.



Are you considering installing new gutters? Contact K-Guard / One Stop Home Improvement Shop! We have Central Virginia’s best gutter solution and long-lasting gutters- the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. K-Guard will protect your home from drainage issues while keeping your roof dry and your soffit and fascia boards safe! Plus, our seamless gutter installation is quick with three simple steps: free estimate, customizing your seamless gutters, and, finally, the gutter installation!

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