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Decoding Window Warranties: What They Cover & What They Don’t


Are you in the market, searching for replacement windows, and wondering what the best deal is for your investment? There’s a lot to consider before hiring a window installation company in Lynchburg: the color of the window frame, the style, the price, and the warranty. Warranties are just as important as the quality of the window or the reputation of the companies you’re considering hiring.


Some windows are lower quality and might not have a great warranty past installation, while others are top quality and have excellent warranties. Window warranties and what they include can sound too complicated and overwhelming. Luckily, One Stop Home Improvement Shop is here to decode window warranties. Keep reading to learn what some manufacturers’ window warranties cover and what they don’t.


Before we discuss the ins and outs of window warranties, you must ask the window installation companies you’re considering hiring a few questions that relate to their window warranties. Follow this guide of questions before you determine which company and their warranty is the best fit:


  1. How long is your warranty?
  2. What exactly does the warranty cover?
  3. What doesn’t the warranty cover?
  4. What can void the warranty?
  5. Is the warranty transferable to another owner?



Length of Window Warranties

Window warranties differ in length. Some are lifetime warranties while others are much shorter. Most baseline window installation warranties are referred to as “limited lifetime warranties”. Limited lifetime warranties often cover defects (ie. paint chip, broken latch, etc.). The length of a limited lifetime warranty depends on the quality of the window; some are high-quality and will cover the window for its longer life expectancy versus a lower-quality window whose coverage would be much less.


Lifetime warranties often come with higher-quality windows made by credible window manufacturers. A lifetime warranty doesn’t necessarily mean the windows are covered for the life of the home, but if the window is made from high-quality materials, then it will have a life expectancy of 10+ years, much higher than baseline windows.



What’s Covered on the Warranty

Some warranties will cover different things, depending on the manufacturer, the quality of the window, and the window installation company who installed them. There are many components to any window – some components are covered under a warranty while others aren’t. Window warranties can cover one or more of the following:


  • Locks and latches
  • Frame
  • Window screens
  • Defect in seal
  • Broken glass
  • Incorrect installation


Again, every window warranty is different, so it’s best to consult with the installation company for any questions.


What Isn’t Covered on the Warranty

Accidents happen, but not all are covered by a window’s warranty. Typically, a window warranty will cover things that are in their control, like broken locks, a defect in the window’s performance, and frame defects. They most often won’t cover things that are out of a window manufacturer’s control, like any of the following:


  • Damage to the window caused by the house settling
  • Damage to the window caused by fire/flood
  • Damage to the window caused by the elements
  • Chemical damage from cleaning products


Again, these differ depending on the type of window and manufacturer.


Things that Void Warranties

Just like there are ways to void a roof’s warranty, the same goes for window warranties. They will not cover something that the homeowner did to void the warranty. For example, windows that have been removed and replaced won’t be covered. A window that has been tampered with will void a warranty.



Window Warranties & Transfers of Coverage

People sometimes move from a home they invested in. Whether you move five years or fifteen years down the road from the installation date, you and the homebuyer may wonder if the window warranty transfers from you as the previous owner who installed the windows to them as the new owner. 


It depends on the manufacturer and warranty of your windows – some allow you to transfer the warranty to the next homeowner, while others are not transferable. If you’re in doubt, contact the company that installed your windows to double-check.



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