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How Gutter Protection Systems Can Save You Money in the Long Run

How Gutter Protection Systems Can Save You Money in the Long Run

If you have traditional, sectional gutters, half-round gutters, or you’re not entirely sure what gutters you have, have you ever encountered an issue with them? Maybe they’ve leaked or overflowed in the past, were damaged from a severe storm, caused basement flooding, or any other costly damage. If so, you understand how much of a nightmare it can be to deal with faulty gutters.

Have you considered installing a gutter protection system? If you’re tired of dealing with damaged, faulty, leaky, dented gutters, now is the perfect time to consider installing new ones. Keep reading to learn how gutter protection systems can save you money in the long run and about the best permanent gutter solution for your home.



They Prevent Overflowing Gutters


Have you ever experienced overflowing gutters? If so, you know the damage they can cause. If not, allow us to explain. Gutters overflow for several reasons, including a blockage or clog that impedes water flow, sticks, improper gutter installation, etc. 

When water flow is restricted, or gutter damage prevents water from flowing through the gutters, the water collected from a roof can’t flow through the gutter to the downspouts, forcing it to pour over the gutter’s sides. Over time, overflowing gutters can cause extensive damage like landscaping damage, foundation damage, wood rot, etc. 

Gutter protection systems prevent overflowing gutters, saving you money in the long run. Because gutter protection systems are complete systems with downspouts, a hanging mechanism, and the gutters and downspouts, blockages won’t form, and water can flow freely throughout the system. No overflowing gutters means your home is protected from drainage issues caused by faulty gutters.



They Prevent Foundation Damage/Basement Leaks Caused by Faulty Gutters


Your home literally couldn’t stand if it weren’t for the foundation. It’s the first thing that’s “built” before your home is built upon it. It should be strong and in great shape to keep the home’s overall structure safe. Unfortunately, faulty gutter systems can damage a foundation, cause basement leaks, and cause structural damage.

As previously mentioned, overflowing gutters can cause foundation damage. How? When gutters overflow, the water seeps over the gutter’s sides and has no choice but to land directly underneath the gutters. What else is underneath the gutters? The foundation and basement. Over time, the water that overflows from the gutters will collect and worsen, causing a trench around the foundation and seeping into the foundation and basement. Of course, this causes basement leaks, cracks in the foundation, mold, etc.

Gutter protection systems eliminate foundation damage and basement leaks caused by faulty gutters because they never cause gutters to overflow, leak, or allow water from the gutters to fall directly underneath the system. Therefore, gutter protection systems protect your home’s foundation, basement, and overall structure.



They Protect Your Roof


If you’ve ever replaced your roof, you know how much of an investment it is. It can cost thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to replace. Homeowners should do everything to protect their investment, including installing a quality gutter system. What happens if a faulty gutter system sits along the roofline?

For one, your roof shingles will get damaged or even fall off. When a faulty gutter system can’t properly collect and drain water from the roof, it has no choice but to sit inside the gutters, forcing water to remain on the roof and even seep underneath the shingles. If left alone, this will inevitably cause shingles to warp, crack, and even come off the roof. Next, the underlayment of your roof can suffer from water damage. This can ruin the rafters, the wood that holds up the weight of the roof. The last thing you want is your roof to get wood rot from a faulty gutter system.

Gutter protection systems always keep water flowing through the system, never allowing water to collect inside the gutters so it can seep into the roof’s shingles. Water from the roof will always flow into the gutters and never sit on the roof or near the roofline, eliminating roof damage caused by faulty gutters.



They Protect Your Home’s Siding


Your home’s siding is exposed to the elements year-round, from extreme heat and humidity in the summers to frigid temperatures and snow in the wintertime, and even hail and strong winds during the spring and summer months. Your siding protects your home’s structure, but what happens when a gutter system isn’t functioning properly? Extensive and costly damage.

Gutter systems that aren’t functioning well may leak water through sections of the gutter system, overflow, sag, put pressure on the soffit and fascia boards, and trickle water through holes or cracks in the gutters or downspouts. All of this can damage your home’s siding. Fortunately, gutter protection systems keep water inside the gutters and downspouts, never allowing it to overflow or trickle out of the system and damage or stain your home’s siding.



They Keep Your Loved Ones Safer


Gutter protection systems can also keep your loved ones safer. How? Wintertime in Central Virginia is relatively mild, but we get a few snow or ice storms each year. Because our temperatures are mild, snow and ice melt quickly during the day but hover around or dip below freezing overnight, causing all the snowmelt and icemelt inside a traditional gutter to refreeze, forming ice dams.

Ice dams are thick pieces of ice that form inside a gutter system from snow or ice melting and refreezing throughout the winter months. They form when a gutter system can’t drain the snowmelt or icemelt, forcing the meltwater to remain inside the gutter and drip over the sizes, forming a large ice dam over time. Ice dams put extra weight on the gutter system and can injure your loved ones, delivery drivers, post office workers, neighbors, etc. 

Gutter protection systems do more than protect your home – they protect your loved ones. If you’re ready to switch from traditional, sectional gutters to a seamless gutter protection system, consider installing the K-Guard System



K-Guard is a complete system with oversized gutters, downspouts, and a curved hood, keeping debris out and water moving through the gutter system. Clog-free, durable, and excellent performance make for a lifetime gutter solution and zero maintenance! K-Guard prevents overflowing gutters and foundation damage/basement leaks, protects your roof and home’s siding, and prevents ice dams.

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