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Gutter Replacements: Are Gutter Covers a Good Idea?

Close Up of K-Guard Gutter on Roof | One Stop Home Improvement ShopHaving well-functioning gutters are an integral part of maintaining a home. So, when it comes time for a gutter replacement, many wonder if they should also add gutter covers. In order to make this decision, it’s best to have an understanding of what gutter covers are and the benefits of having them installed so that you can decide if they are an investment you’d like to make.


What do Gutter Covers do?

Gutter covers are designed and installed in an effort to prevent clogged gutters and the problems they can cause for homeowners. Gutter covers can be installed during gutter replacements to the top of a gutter or gutter system and typically have slight openings which allow water to enter the gutter and flow freely, all the while blocking larger particles and debris such as pine needles and leaves.

Gutter covers can be found in a large array of materials and styles. For more information on the differing types of gutter covers, see our article that will give you a comparison of the most popular gutter covers on the market.


What are the Benefits of Gutter Covers?

Gutter covers offer a variety of benefits to homeowners. Some of these benefits include the following:

Lower Maintenance

Although hiring a professional to help you clean your gutters is a great option (and one that we would be glad to help with), some homeowners would prefer to make the investment upfront and decide to install gutter guards. For those that need their gutters cleaned more often due to their environment or have homes with more difficult gutter systems, this benefit is a key deciding factor.

Damage Prevention

Because of the fact that gutter guards prevent leaves and debris from collecting in your gutters, you will not have to worry about clogs and therefore standing water and overflowing gutters. When gutters become clogged and moisture is allowed to collect within them, it may lead to roofing and siding damage, as well as rots and leaks. Preventing these issues also mitigates the amount of maintenance required on your home. 

Pest Prevention

Gutter guards or gutter covers also prevent pests from entering your gutters and making a home out of them. Some of the pests that you might find in an open gutter include mice, bats, birds, mosquitoes, spiders, and more. Plus, when they are allowed to remain in your gutters that are filled with standing water, they may multiply quickly.

Control Over Ice Dams

Water trapped within a gutter during the winter can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It can quickly freeze and lead to ice dams. However, with gutter guards installed, clogs will be very unlikely, meaning blockages and trapped water will no longer be a concern.

Prevent Blockages

Blockages within the gutters can lead to overflow which can be dangerous and costly. Gutters that overflow may damage a home’s foundation or allow water to seep through the exterior and enter the home. Overflowing water may also cause stains on the sides of a home.


How do I Know if I Need Gutter Covers?

You might want to consider installing gutter covers during your gutter replacement for a few reasons such as pest control. If you live in an area with mosquitos or other bothersome insects, it is a good idea to minimize the amount of standing water around your home. Homeowners who want to protect their roofs may also want to consider installing gutter guards or replacing their existing gutters with a system that incorporates gutter guards. This is because birds or other small animals often choose gutters as the location for their nests, which can cause damage to roofs and become problematic.

The location and environment of a home may also lead homeowners to decide to install gutter covers. Those who experience snow that lingers for a day or longer may want to invest in gutter covers. This is because when snow fills gutters, it may begin to put pressure on the shingles and push moisture underneath them. However, with gutter guards, this is unlikely to happen as they help snow slide off of the home or building more easily.

In addition to homes that receive snow, those who have large trees within the yard may also benefit from gutter guards. Homeowners with large trees in the vicinity are likely to have to clean their gutters more often, so gutter guards will help save time and prevent clogs between cleanings.


Should I add Gutter Covers During my Gutter Replacement?

If you are considering adding gutter covers during your gutter replacement, think about the risks to a home that a clogged gutter system can pose. Some of these risks include interior leaks, fascia damage, foundational damage, and more. Gutter guards also help minimize the risk of mold and mildew accumulating as a result of clogged gutters and standing water.

So, although gutter guards may be an upfront investment, there is no doubt that they help mitigate the risk of damage to a home and give homeowners peace of mind. When replacing your gutter system, feel free to reach out to us for more information on if your home, in particular, could benefit from gutter guards. We are experts in new gutter replacements, gutter maintenance, and gutter cleaning, and we’re happy to help provide you with an honest and free consultation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!