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Does Installing Gutter Protection Affect my Roof Warranty?

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Gutter protection features can promise a world of ease, effectiveness, and aesthetics when it comes to home maintenance and improvement. Installed simply and quickly in just a 3-5 hour installation process, you can have a zero-maintenance gutter solution that means you can say goodbye to messy gutter cleaning and risky ladders and hello to great gutters with no debris.

Due to these unbeatable gutter protection features, gutter guards, such as K-Guard, have become increasingly popular with home improvement enthusiasts and anyone looking to mitigate unnecessary risk and work when it comes to home maintenance. 

With widespread requests for gutter guard installation, our interested clients often want to know if there are any downsides to gutter protection. Many ask whether installing gutter protection can affect your roof warranty, and it’s an important question.
A roof replacement can cost a fortune and it’s nothing anyone wants to have to pay out of pocket. This means it’s vital to know what’s in and what’s out when it comes to factors that might change the policy on your roof warranty.

To start, it’s important to know that any fixture that involves major roofing work can void your warranty. This might include work that penetrates the surface of the roof or removal of roof shingles.

Luckily for us, this does not generally tend to include any part of the gutter protection process. But if you’re installing a gutter guard, you should ensure it’s done correctly and understand what can void your roof’s warranty so you can avoid these specific measures that might leave you in trouble… 

  1. Improper Roofing Installation: Are gutter guards part of your home revamp? If you’re tying in your gutter guard with a new roof installation there are certain rules to be followed in protecting your warranty. The specifics include the type of nails used, using the right amount of nails per shingle, and following a rudimental but exact installation process that doesn’t skip any steps. While getting it right is important, here’s the good news: when you pick an all-round roof and gutter installation specialist such as One Stop Home Improvement, we are intimately familiar with installation guidelines and manufacturer’s warranties and ensure that the process is done correctly. 
  2. Improper Ventilation: This one makes the list as roofing manufacturers illustrate that proper ventilation is an essential part of roof longevity due to the continuous flow of air through loft space which in turn prevents moisture accumulation and ice dams. Installing your gutter guards should not pose any risk to roof ventilation that would threaten your warranty when done right. 
  3. Improper Insulation: Like with ventilation, a correctly installed gutter guard should not affect your insulation. Poor roofing insulation such as spray foam insulation that’s wrongly applied to the roof hardens into a dense filling that compromises ventilation which affects roof quality as mentioned. No gutter protection should pose this problem,  however, this does reinforce the fact that choosing a roofing and gutter specialist is a guaranteed way to make sure you have all your bases covered so there is no accidental insulation or ventilation damage to your roof. 
  4. Pressure Washing: While pressure washing can be a quick fix for the tough moss, algae, debris, and other unpleasant substances, the significant forces pressure washing exerts on the roof can often lead to damage or wearing out of the roof. This is useful to know for any homeowner with home-cleaning and upkeep goals, but this should never be a problem affecting gutter protection as long as your gutter protection process doesn’t involve a cleaning package. 
  5. Installing A New Roof Over an Old One: This procedure is done sometimes when a new roof is needed but it becomes a less time-consuming, labor-intensive job to fit a new roof over the top of the old one rather than complete removal and replacement. While this might be a quicker fix, it leads to compromised structure and most definitely voids your original roof’s warranty. The good news is that no gutter guard installation should fall into this trap!
  6. Antennas and Satellite Dishes: Antennas and Satellite Dishes require holes drilled into the roof for placement which has the potential to cause leaks and lead to water damage. While this isn’t directly related to any gutter guard installation, it illustrates the importance of hiring a gutter professional that understands roofing so no accidentally drilled holes turn up on your roof, putting your warranty in jeopardy. 
  7. Additions to Your Roof: Anything directly drilled into your roof could be at risk of voiding your roof warranty. Aside from antennas and satellite dishes, this also includes skylights, solar panels, and any fixtures that drill directly into your roof or remove shingles. For gutter protection work, this means it might be wise to inquire about the installation process if you’re not sure what the process consists of or if you’re dealing with gutter contractors without extensive roofing experience.

Are you ready for no-maintenance gutters and a sleek, modern aesthetic? Gutter protection is an easy choice. Professional and correctly installed gutter protection should pose no risk to voiding your roof warranty, but if you want to make sure you’re at zero risk for affecting your roof warranty, never be afraid to ask about your gutter guard installation process. Will anything be drilled into the roof? Are any fixtures added? Will any shingles need to be removed or replaced during installation?

For details about gutters, roofing questions, or to choose a gutter guard company that doubles as a roofing expert. get in touch with One Stop Home Improvement Shop. We are not only educated in roof warranty preservation but we come equipped with all your need-to-know industry knowledge and roofing and gutter expertise. Chat with us today!

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